Settling Arguments with Twitter polls

News 09:07 July 2020:

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Millions of Twitter polls have been shared until now, but only a few have been in apposition to stir an argument among the respondents. The aim that poll creators on Twitter have while coming up with a poll is to attract as many users as possible to their poll and gather many votes to influence a certain decision. For this to happen, you need to come up with content that is both attractive and intriguing. Again, there are those users that using polls for other reasons, such as to settle an argument. For instance, you may be having an argument with your friends on which one is better, PCs or Macs.

It can be much fun and informative for you to settle such an argument through polls on Twitter. In such a case, the audience will help you know what the general public thinks on the issue. As such, you will have settled a dispute and learned something new in the process.

For companies, this aspect is essential in that it shows your audience that you also have a human side. Such Twitter polls are a great addition to your social media marketing campaigns.