Why shorter is a better strategy to gain more free likes and retweets

Twitter only allows 140 characters for every tweet posted. That means that if your goal is to get a high number offree likes and free followers (usually the favorite icon) or to get more people retweeting your posts, you will have to keep your messages even shorter and interesting as well. People generally have less time reading the whole tweet and only concentrate on the most attractive and short tweet posted. For more likes however, adding a picture and a trendy hash tag can double or even triple the number of people who view your tweet.

However, hash tags on one hand can boost the number of people who view your tweets but they could also make your twitter disappear even faster especially if the trending topic has a lot of active contributors. Additionally, posting an appropriate message at the right time can boost your favorites and retweets much more than mentioning other people. But the message will also have to be thought provoking if it is to receive the high number of retweets and favorites you would love. And finally, if you can post inspiring or funny jokes on twitter, then you stand a better chance of getting the highest number of retweets and favorites for your posts.